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I'm a special boi, don't mess with me and we'll get along ok.

I play on RPG and have a nice little brewery with cheap prices ;)

I might play on creative to test things that require... building. Skyblock? Probably not, maybe once in a while. Direwolf20 though? If my computer can handle it, I'd be all in. The rest is undecided

I like red. If you did not figure that out then I am genuinely sad for you and will request mental help.

I do not like furries. I do not want to hear about them. I do not want to answer anything about them. I do not want anything to do with them. My profile picture has nothing to do with furries. It is from before furries were a thing. I personally hate furries. Don't take hard feelings from that

I type in choppy bits and I don't want your opinion on that

Seriously don't, I will personally tell you to shut your up

Besides a few other things I am chill with people.

Oh, and I'm a boy.