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    Previous Survival Rank

    1. What is your IGN? _Priebe_, previously EmberRip 2. Perks Missing: Legatus 3. Date of purchase: Not sure, and the paypal receipts don't indicate what was purchased. I'll just list out some likely ones 4. Transaction ID (optional): 6GS58456VA432225M - May 20,2018 78L04616B6578320K - May 21...
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    Skyblock Gallery

    I thought it would be cool if people wanted to post pictures of their structures/farms/etc. from the server to here. People's islands aren't typically visible to other people, and I'm usually blown away when I see some of the things people have built. Post 'em here for brownie points!
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    This is _Priebe_, I don't think I can change my name here though

    This is _Priebe_, I don't think I can change my name here though
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    Ahhhh 2.0

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    (RPG) Tags

    And perhaps a way to swap out your available tags as well, then?
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    [RPG] Kit Strike-through

    I'm EmberRip, making this suggestion for RPG, though I suppose if you have any other gamemodes with kits as well, it could work for those. Not sure if it was a plugin or some homemade coding, but a really old server I played on had this thing that a kit on cooldown would be struck through...