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    World Borders

    I meant 20k by 20k I was tired af when I made this post and there's a 5k by 5k world border in the nether
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    World Borders

    1. anidiotinatree 2. RPG 3. I believe the world border of the overworld should be increased to be 10,000 by 10,000 as of currently it is hard to find some rare biomes such as mesas and structures such as woodland mansions. Increasing the size of the world would also make buildings more spread...
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    Oh, I didn't know about /money. Thanks
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    1. anidiotinatree 2. RPG 3. BeastWithdraw is a plugin that lets you store xp into custom xp bottles and store money onto bank notes. I think it'd be a nice addition mostly for storing xp as if you have an insane amount of exp, you don't want to lose xp due to the amount of xp each level needs...
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    Weekend Event Ideas

    hunger games
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    bold of you to believe the new owners would actually keep their promise
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    Important New Beginnings.....again

    please do this thread is omega dead
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    Something new

    holy cow guys this will change the atmosphere of flame forever omgo mgomgom
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    your mom

    your mom
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    omg real shou holy shid

    omg real shou holy shid
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    goodbye Steve and hello new owners

    how old is kingsam
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    holy penis is that ajkidney

    holy penis is that ajkidney
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    Add back old legatus perks

    Recently, the perks /seen and /craft have been removed from Legatus. I've heard /seen was removed because of a big where you can see staff in /v. This is quite unfair for all of the players, especially considering it doesn't even matter removing /seen because there is still many methods of...