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    Skyblock Ideas

    Hi, Thank you for writing these suggestions. Suggestion one was actually something I suggested too a few months ago and would like to see implemented into the next SkyBlock season. As for the other two, I will forward this on to those working on the next season. Thanks, Nate
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    Hello, Thank you for reporting the issue with your recent donation. It turns out that the issue was on our end, and it has been fixed and you should now have your SkyPass level two. Please let me know if any other issues come up. Thanks, Nate
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    FlameNetwork » 2.1 | SkyBlock Player Markets Re-introduced (July 2020)

    Hi all, After seeing the feedback from our Community Survey, we have decided to introduce player-run markets back into the server. Please check below to see more information about markets, and how you can claim one for yourself! What are Markets? Markets are areas that can be rented by...
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    Flame Network Official Rules

    The list of SkyBlock rules has been updated. You can see the updates in-game with /rules or view the list above.
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    Keep Inventory Glitch

    Hello, Thank you for reporting this bug to the forums. I believe this has been fixed, but if the bug continues please let me know.
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    Block Stacking in Skyblock

    EDIT: You can now place blocks normally using the command /stacker toggle. Redstone will be added to stackable blocks.
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    Block Stacking in Skyblock

    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to post this suggestion on the forums. At this time, redstone does not stack because it is used in redstone contraptions and builds. We are also looking into allowing blocks to not stack for things such as beacons. If we find a solution, we will announce it...
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    FlameNetwork » 2.0 | SkyBlock Season 4 Release (July 2020)

    Hello, We are happy to announce the release of Season Four of our SkyBlock Realm! A new spawn has been implemented, as well as multiple changes which can be seen below. We hope you enjoy this new season! Season Four will be released on Saturday, July 11th at 2pm EST (1pm CST/7pm BST). You...
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    Call me Winter!

    Welcome to Flame c:
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    My drive thru order for the space aliens

    So I guess since the aliens are coming in April, that means my food is on its way?
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    My drive thru order for the space aliens

    Either way, the fast food place will still get the order wrong.
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    well this one is for you xd_bay

    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to appeal your punishment. Based on your actions in-game, and the punishment given, your appeal has been denied at this time. As seen on our rules page, advertisement of servers that are not partnered with Flame Network is not allowed. Feel free to...
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    for /sell hand /sell all to be added to sb

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that your suggestion will be implemented into the next season. Thanks again, Nate
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    for /sell hand /sell all to be added to sb

    Hello, Thanks for making this suggestion. I will be sharing this with the community to gather opinions before implementing it into the next season. Thanks!
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    skyblock outside spawn

    Hello, Thanks for writing this bug report. I have added this to a list of things to fix for a future date. Thanks, Thread Closed.