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    for /sell hand /sell all to be added to sb

    Hello, Thanks for making this suggestion. I will be sharing this with the community to gather opinions before implementing it into the next season. Thanks!
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    skyblock outside spawn

    Hello, Thanks for writing this bug report. I have added this to a list of things to fix for a future date. Thanks, Thread Closed.
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    World Borders

    Hello, Thanks for making a suggestion thread. I will be forwarding this on for you.
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    ban appeal - fitzypvp

    User deleted his appeal. Feel free to appeal again in two weeks. Thread Closed.
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    Plugin suggestion: Diseases

    Hello, Thanks for making this suggestion. I'll be forwarding this thread on to management for you.
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    unmute appeal cosmic_alpha

    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write an appeal. After some discussion, we have decided to lift your current mute, and you are now free to talk in chat. Please be careful of what you say in chat to avoid worse punishment. Thanks, Appeal Accepted
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    [RPG] CitizensCMD instead of CommandNPC

    Hello, Thank you for making this suggestion. I will be passing this on for you. We appreciate future suggestions, so feel free to post one when you think of any.
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    Hi, I'll be forwarding this on to @Darkstar2508 and he will get back to you soon. Edit: Under new ownership, we do not have the purchase history or ability to return ranks prior to 2018. Your rank will sadly not be returned. Thread Closed.
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    Hello, You both can create a thread in our donation support forum by clicking here. Please make sure to follow the format listed at the top of that page. From there, the management team will work with you to see if your perks can be returned. Thanks, Thread Locked
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    Restore Rpg Ranks?

    Member has informed me that they have purchased a rank instead. Thread Locked.
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    Restore Rpg Ranks?

    Hello, I have gone ahead and moved your thread to Donation Support. If you could please copy the format below and fill it out in a reply, we will look into this for you. Thanks! 1. What is your IGN? 2. Perks Missing: 3. Date of purchase: 4. Transaction ID (optional):
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    [RPG] Vanilla-like Custom Enchantments

    Hello, Thanks for making this suggestion. I'll go ahead and forward it on for you.
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    Item dupe

    Hello, Management is aware of the issue and will be fixing it shortly. Thanks again for reporting this to us. Thread Locked
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    Item dupe

    Due to spam comments being posted here, I have locked the thread until management can reply. Sorry about that.
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    Item dupe

    Hello, Thanks for reporting this to us. I will be forwarding your thread on to the management team.