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    goodbye Steve and hello new owners

    Yes, of course I'll still visit. I'm still in the discord, so if you want, you can shoot me a PM and I'll reply when I'm online.
  2. SteveTheDog

    Important New Beginnings.....again

    Great to hear the news on Flame coming back! Best of luck.
  3. SteveTheDog

    bug fix request

    Try now.
  4. SteveTheDog

    Build Transfer

    Yes, it's possible.
  5. SteveTheDog

    wondering about the LAG

    No, it was a memory leak.
  6. SteveTheDog

    wondering about the LAG

    This has been fixed for a while now.
  7. SteveTheDog

    Mute Appeal

  8. SteveTheDog

    Should AJKinney get unbanned?

    No, he was blacklisted for other reasons. Thread locked.
  9. SteveTheDog

    Skyblock- End of season pvp battle

    I like this idea, but we also had in mind the idea to give every one creative to destroy the spawn, their island, and anything else. Don't worry about the island top leaderboard, as we will take the scores from before this event begins.
  10. SteveTheDog

    Problem connecting.

    I'm not sure then, if it doesn't work with Badlion client there is most certainly an issue only with badlion.
  11. SteveTheDog

    Problem connecting.

    I'm not sure, potentially something in Badlion client is refusing connection to the server.
  12. SteveTheDog

    I think it's time the borders go.

    We can expand the border, but not remove it completely. This is due to the fact that storage is not unlimited.
  13. SteveTheDog

    Skyblock Enchantments

  14. SteveTheDog

    [Skyblock] Pvp Arena

    KoTH will be added for next season.