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  1. AJKinney

    Discord Ban Appeal/Asking for Information

    Forgot to update, Appeal accepted. Thread locked.
  2. AJKinney

    I am not racist.

    I was serious. I don't care that it's only friends online. If repeated in the future I will leave the punishment. Accepted. Thread locked.
  3. AJKinney

    Yo i got 13 yesterday i can join disc now ???

    It has come to our attention that your discord account was inactived. If it was you that inactived it then you will need to make a new account. If discord staff (the big boys that actually run discord) banned you for breaking T&S (being under 13 while using their service) then you will need to...
  4. AJKinney

    Discord Ban Appeal/Asking for Information

    Hello, Tree mentioned to me one day that you were working on a flame clone specifically of RPG and you dm'd him asking to join your team. This case of DM advertising was the second time you did it, both times attempting to make a clone of FlameRPG. This along with your constant attitude towards...
  5. AJKinney

    What's your hobbies?

  6. AJKinney

    [Skyblock] Season 2 suggestions

    #1 is completely possible #2 might take a custom plugin depending on how we decide to implement it because we don't always take the ideas word for word #3 is 100% going to need a custom plugin made so it's probably not going to happen for season 2 at the very least.
  7. AJKinney

    Exotic Gardens Replacement

    I will forward this list to the administration team, thank you for taking the time to find the plugins for us which will, at the end of the day, speed the process up at least a little bit. If it is possible for us to add these and have the server function correctly we will do so. Thread locked.
  8. AJKinney

    Parkour at the hub

    I will ask the build team if they want to make one, I'm not going to force them but yeah cool idea. Thread Locked.
  9. AJKinney

    [RPG] Advocating for 1.14/Slimefun/Fair Ranks

    Slimefun works well enough on its own, and with a few of the bigger plugins, however, it doesn't work very well with a lot of our smaller plugins. We're not going to be able to implement it and keep a lot of the other plugins that RPG relies on, we're not going to go into too much detail as to...
  10. AJKinney

    [RPG] Advocating for 1.14/Slimefun/Fair Ranks

    Hello, While slimefun might be updated, it's still unstable as heck. The lack of updates was never really the main issue. Like you said, "because it wasn't updated and it was unstable" well even with it being updated that doesn't change the unstable factor. If it's going to crash the...
  11. AJKinney

    ban appeal

    Your appeal was denied the first time due to including a poll to kill eggioo. I also told you in your last appeal not to make any more appeals. So this one is denied. LOCKED.
  12. AJKinney

    Upgrade-able Islands, Chunk Hoppers, and Block Frames

    I got the idea of hoppers picking up items in chunks from where you said "Chunk hoppers" since adding a item that keeps chunks loaded is just a bad idea in general, so I assumed you meant hoppers that pick up items in the chunk. Anyways here's my opinion on each thing. Upgradeable island size...
  13. AJKinney

    Upgrade-able Islands, Chunk Hoppers, and Block Frames

    I do like the idea for block frames. Personally I'm not a big fan of items that keep chunks loaded as that can really stress the server, alts are already a good way to keep chunks loaded and alts go down sometimes. I do like the idea of the hopper being able to pick up certain items from within...
  14. AJKinney

    ban appeal

    Your appeal was denied due to lying on it. Your punishment was lengthened for including a poll in your appeal with 3 options. While including a poll isn't toxic in its own, including the option "We should demote and kill eggioo" is indeed quite toxic. In conclusion, after thinking about it for a...
  15. AJKinney

    ban appeal

    I clarified multiple times in-game that auto clickers were bannable, I said that auto mining was allowed but using auto clickers for anything else was bannable. The day that you asked us if it was allowed we said it was bannable to use an auto clicker. We said it would be preferable for you to...
  16. AJKinney

    HaxLive | Ban Appeal

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to appeal. We have decided to accept your appeal as like you said, you do have fly. However, your island was already transferred so you'll need to make a new island or see if the new owner will let you back onto it. Thread locked and all that.
  17. AJKinney

    Mute appeal

    Thank you for taking the time to appeal. However, due to your history plus the discord chat logs proving that you indeed did do what you're saying you didn't do, we're updating your punishment to a 1-month temp ban. You're welcome to appeal at a later date. THREAD LOCKED.
  18. AJKinney

    eggioo abused

    Hello, thank you for your report, at this time we cannot do anything with the report as you did not have sufficient evidence. To handle reports of this nature we need video evidence as we cannot prove what actually happened through a screenshot. THREAD LOCKED.
  19. AJKinney


    Can we make this the flame server anthem
  20. AJKinney

    McMMo Suggestion

    This suggestion has already been added, it however had to be taken off for the time being due to needing balance for the skyblock economy. THREAD LOCKED.