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  1. AnIdiotInATree


    1. anidiotinatree 2. RPG 3. BeastWithdraw is a plugin that lets you store xp into custom xp bottles and store money onto bank notes. I think it'd be a nice addition mostly for storing xp as if you have an insane amount of exp, you don't want to lose xp due to the amount of xp each level needs...
  2. AnIdiotInATree

    Add back old legatus perks

    Recently, the perks /seen and /craft have been removed from Legatus. I've heard /seen was removed because of a big where you can see staff in /v. This is quite unfair for all of the players, especially considering it doesn't even matter removing /seen because there is still many methods of...
  3. AnIdiotInATree

    Crazy Enchantments | RPG

    1. AnIdiotInATree 2. RPG 3. The plugin Crazy Enchantments, already present on Skyblock, would make a great addition to RPG. RPG already has many things that improve items such as adding in new magic items, wands and custom foods that can give status effects. But one thing RPG is missing is the...
  4. AnIdiotInATree

    I think it's time the borders go.

    1. AnIdiotInATree 2. Rpg 3. Ah, the world borders on flame. A burden to players who want to make their bases hidden far into the world in order to hide them better, which leads to travelling the world being too easy. I don't think that a single player really would want a world border in the...
  5. AnIdiotInATree

    AnIdiotInATree Ban Appeal

    1. AnIdiotInATree 2. Staff member who punished you: AJKinney 3. Why should you be unbanned/unmuted: I've been playing this server for 3 years, and throughout those 3 years, I've had an amazing time on this server. I've met some of my best friends, but more importantly than this, I've made the...
  6. AnIdiotInATree

    RPG Plugin Suggestion (Feudal)

    Hey! I'm very hyped for the release of rpg in the new few months, and I thought this plugin might help spice up gameplay! The plugin has a kingdom system which is a good way to...