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  1. SteveTheDog

    Custom Enchants

    The following is the list and descriptions of the various custom enchants present on skyblock. Common Glowing: Helmets only, gives night vision. BurnShield: Armor only, gives fire resistance. Gears: Gears only, gives speed boost. Mermaid: Helmets only, gives water breathing. Blindness: Swords...
  2. SteveTheDog

    Greenhouses Tutorial

    Building a Greenhouse (DO THIS BEFORE CONTINUING ONTO POST CREATION INSTRUCTIONS) Obtain glass blocks Construct a rectangular set of walls with a flat roof Place a door in the wall for entry and exit Type /greenhouses and read the requirements for the specific type of greenhouse that meets your...
  3. SteveTheDog

    Vote Links

    ► Voting Links Vote 5 times each month to not only receive awesome rewards and prizes to help you in-game, but also allow us to grow as a server and branch out to more and more players, thus improving the gameplay. We ask that you take the time to vote for us, as this is beneficial for both...