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  1. NatePlayz_

    [Report]: SuperLukasPlayz

    1. What is your IGN: KingKoalas 2. IGN of player being reported: SuperLukasPlayz 3. Rules Broken: Movement Hacks 4. Explanation: N/A 5. Proof (required): 6. Witnesses (if any): AJKinney
  2. NatePlayz_

    AutoSell Plugin

    1. Your IGN: KingKoalas 2. Gamemode Suggestion is for: SkyBlock 3. Description: Since ChestSell had to be removed from the shop, I wanted to recommend this as a replacement plugin for the time being. It works in a similar way, by placing a sign with [autosell] on the first line. You can also...
  3. NatePlayz_

    [SkyBlock]: Report plugin

    1. Your IGN: KingKoalas 2. Gamemode Suggestion is for: Global (SkyBlock) 3. Description: I think it would be beneficial if a report plugin was installed. There are a few good plugins out there where a player can file a report, and the staff can mark it as pending, or complete. It would also be...
  4. NatePlayz_

    [Creative]: Plot Suggestion

    Hello, Is there a way that players can download our own plots as a schematic? Thanks ~
  5. NatePlayz_

    (Creative): Barrier Blocks

    IGN: GlowingBear Gamemode: Creative Description: You cannot "pick block" the barrier in spawn. Image: