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  1. AJKinney

    Rpg with Towny?

    Update: Suggestion denied, feel free to make more suggestions though as we are always looking for good ideas for change.
  2. AJKinney

    Rpg with Towny?

    Hello, sorry for the late reply, it does work, I've personally been staff on another server that did that, however I do not know if there is enough community support for this idea to really be a worthwhile change. I'll ask around and see if there's any more interest in it and if the staff team...
  3. AJKinney

    Hihipiebye Appeal

    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to appeal your punishment. We have decided to deny your appeal because we have proof of you using either an auto clicker or mob aura, if the proof is from more than 3 weeks ago and nascarcold gave you a verbal warning then I am sorry for the delay in...
  4. AJKinney

    Skyblock Spawners

    Hi, Thank you for the suggestion however we have decided not to implement this for the following reasons: This defeats the purpose of buying more expensive spawners if you can just change them Thread locked.
  5. AJKinney

    About discord

    Hello, as far as I can tell you are not on our ban list on the discord. If you are unable to join you may need to make a new account as when you were banned you were reported to the Discord Trust and Safety team for violating the Discord ToS. You also may need to contact Discord Support and...
  6. AJKinney

    Player Head

    We have player heads on RPG you have to be the top donator rank to do /heads, or you can use the shrink spell since killing with shrink drops the user or mobs head.
  7. AJKinney


    Hello, this is currently not possible as the werewolf plugin that we have used in the past is not updated to our current version of minecraft. In the future it might be re-added if people still want it but for now I am denying the suggestion solely on the inability to add it.
  8. AJKinney

    ban appeal

    User has been Blacklisted for extreme toxicity and death threats.
  9. AJKinney

    Pending Zaai/Psuedoneurotic's Staff Application.

    something something pending not actually accepted edit: moderation vote
  10. AJKinney

    Call me Winter!

    "Call me Winter" You are now Billy.
  11. AJKinney

    69 xdxdxdxdxd

    69 xdxdxdxdxd
  12. AJKinney

    A naturally spawning orb

    I will look into seeing if this is actually possible with our current setup, if it is possible I will move it on to the voting phases. Thread will be open still for now if there is any more info you would like to add until voting is available.
  13. AJKinney

    My drive thru order for the space aliens

    You ordered the receipt?
  14. AJKinney

    IrrelevantGhost/Ghqst#0541's Mute Appeal

    Literally got muted for doing the same thing someone else did after they got muted for it after doing it multiple times. Please feel free to re-appeal in 2 weeks without lying this time. APPEAL DENIED. THREAD LOCKED.
  15. AJKinney

    rubberize spell

    Hello, I'll inform Crafty so he can look into this issue more however to the best of my knowledge there is no way to make it so that you cannot break the blocks during the rubberize spell.
  16. AJKinney

    tag suggestion

    Sure, we'll get right on it as soon as bay sticks around long enough to earn admin and deserve a #BlameBay tag.
  17. AJKinney

    missing perm

    I'll inform management to update the store section, pweather was removed for Aedile and Augustus due to a bug allowing infinite pseudo-flight
  18. AJKinney

    My drive thru order for the space aliens

    Got it, pickle with a cheeseburger slider, medium ice no coke, and a extra large soggy fry.
  19. AJKinney


    The store isn't case sensitive. The issue is that when he bought it he bought it for EchoJordanz twice. I'll inform dark to move over one of the purchases or however he does it. Edit: Issue fixed, thread locked.
  20. AJKinney

    dead duped bug

    Most likely a one off. If it happens again please inform myself or Crafty on the discord and we will try to recreate the issue. Thread Locked.