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    RPG Release: Saturday May 12th at 2:00 PM EDT

    OOf please don't necro
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    I mean, it doesn't HAVE to be locked you know? Could be another... meme dump.
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    I just sneezed.

    yes. yes. yes. no.
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    I just sneezed.

    Big thank
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    I just sneezed.

    Just in time.
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    Important Welcome Back

    It's been remade as a brand new server dude, hence forth ranks should not carry through.
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    thread locked

    Doesn't seem very locked to me. Looks like a new meme dump.
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    Lol, skype notification
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    Fricken nerd

    Fricken nerd
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    thread locked

    as far as I am aware, there are currently no staff members in the GMT timezone. My time zone is GMT but I am not staff lol.
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    Orecraft nerds

    Sometimes we get these people who are like: "I am an old player lol I'm from ore craft" Well if that is the case, where the hell have you been all this time? Why exclaim a pointless comment if you have not been with the server for the rest of it's lifetime rather than a single period?
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    RPG] randomtp

    Quit being so lazy
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    What daily content

    What daily content
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    Greetings adventurers

    No, Jurassic Park.