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  1. AJKinney

    RPG Transition Poll & Suggestion Thread

    Hello, as RPG is generally one of our more up to date (gamer version wise) servers, we will be updating at the very least to make the world 1.16 in the near future. Along with this change we will be very interested in adding or removing features that the player base deems to be unnecessary or on...
  2. AJKinney

    Minions Poll

    Please inform us as to what you want the minion limit set to per island. If people vote for it to be changed and a change is made this season anyone with minions over the current island limit will be refunded for those minions. If it is not changed this season and is changed in the future season...
  3. AJKinney

    Ahhhh 2.0

    I'm going to keep this simple. Cursed image thread.
  4. AJKinney

    Skyblock Suggestions

    1. Your IGN: AJKinney 2. Gamemode Suggestion is for: Skyblock - Blaze Rods need a pretty decent buff in selling price, or blaze spawners need to be cheaper, because with how much blaze spawners cost you're not going to make your money back from a blaze grinder in any decent amount of time. - We...
  5. AJKinney


    Can we get the notable members tab back that shows staff/top posters/top liked/top whatever I need to see how far behind I am so that I can inflate my ego due to no longer being an admin which was the best ego inflator I could have had. Honestly I can't remember what the tab was actually...
  6. AJKinney


    Y'all ever just start a new thread to keep the forums from dying? Haha yeah me neither.
  7. AJKinney


    IGN: AJKinney Suggestion for: RPG Description: Since the required amount of mobs per spawner was raised to 1.5k per spawner (Which most people that know agree is barely achievable) spawners should either spawn mobs faster or the required amount should be lowered for certain mob types. After the...