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  • If you are appealing a punishment, please follow this template:
    Temporary punishments which last for less than 3 days cannot be appealed.

    1. What is your IGN?
    2. Staff member who punished you:
    3. Why should you be unbanned/unmuted:
    4. Any other information you'd like to include:
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I got banned from the sky block sever from using a ato clicker by AJKinney I later and before checked the rules and couldn't get in to and fine the 'banned mods page' so I didn't know that they where bannable I said on the sever at one point when two people where on an admin and a moderator and asked them and they basically said that if I don't use it in pvp that it would be fine to use if you where mining or even grinding mobs now I have gotten banned I feel like I should get unbanned as they did say I could use it and I could find or see that it wasn't allowed on the sever if I had know 100% that it wasn't allowed I wouldn't have used it as I had paid money on the sever and didn't want to risk that any information or help would be greatly appeached sorry for all this and sorry for using it as it is banable witch it had no idea about.


^^^^ its wrong and didn't follow the set out questions as I didn't see them sorry this is the real one

totally did that wrong and missed the questions at the top sorry

1. What is your IGN ----- JMJQUICK
2. Staff member who punished you: ---- AJkinney
3. Why should you be unbanned/unmuted:---- as I didn't know at the time of the use of an ato clicker it wasn't allowed I couldn't see anything against it on the rules as I had triple checked and I was about mods and that but couldn't see the allowed one so I guessed it was
4. Any other information you'd like to include: -------- I asked AJ and a mod one day about it and they basically said I could if I don't use it in pvp witch i wasn't unless I misunderstood witch if I did I am so sorry about that if I had know that it wasn't allowed then I wouldn't have used it and risked my account as I had paid for things on the sever

sorry as well about the one above totally didn't see they questions you where supposed to follow my mistake sorry if this wastes more of your time as well but hopefully this can get sorted out


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Feb 18, 2018
I clarified multiple times in-game that auto clickers were bannable, I said that auto mining was allowed but using auto clickers for anything else was bannable. The day that you asked us if it was allowed we said it was bannable to use an auto clicker. We said it would be preferable for you to just change your mining keybind and just place something on the key.

In conclusion, while I'm willing to accept your appeal, I'm going to reset your mobcoins, balance, and take your skeleton spawners if I do. It's up to you. The thread will be locked, so if you're okay with this idea then just like my post and I'll unban you and reset those things.

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