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Pending Comsic_Alpha staff app (1st)

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Active member
May 15, 2018
United Kingdom
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: calm relaxed understanding
  • What is your greatest strength? my greatest strength would be my ability to listen to one person or more peoples problems and being able to help them solve said problems. while doing this I also tend to find ways to make said problems from happening again or explaining to them why they are having said problem. if said problem should have happened I tend to also inform a member of the staff team as saying it might be a possible bug that needs fixing.
  • Why did you decide to apply to become a staff member on Flame? I have wanted to apply for staff on flame for awhile as do very much enjoy my time on the server however every time I wanted to I keep getting the feeling that I would not be able to put enough hours into the server. but now I have a lot more free time on my hands so I feel like its time I make an appellation and see what you the staff team think about me. that is why I have decided its time for me to make my appeal.
  • What can you improve upon yourself? I think I need to improve my communications skills as I suffer from many mental disabilities this sometimes makes my words hard to understand due to the fact I don't have that good spelling however I am slowing working on improving this. I also think I need to improve upon my social interactions with people as I normally don't like to start a conversation with people in games and in real life. also, I think I need to be more confident because it has taken me a while to get to a stage where I am happy to write this staff application.
  • What will you bring to the table as Staff? I feel I will be able to bring a new kind of staff member to the team someone who has a lot of fun playing the sever and doing staff jobs at the same time. I also feel I will be able to bring a person who doesn't mind doing the little jobs no matter what rank they are if there is a job that's needs doing I will make sure to it done with very few mistakes. I could also end up bring a few laughs to the team because we all know despite our job a good old laugh can help a person feel happy. additionally, I will bring a person who has very good knowledge with the server and the plugins.
  • What sets you aside from the rest of the applicants? I think what sets me aside from the rest of the applicants is my very good knowledge with the flame community and the server rules. I also would like to think that I am different from the other application as here on flame it is the one and so far the only server I feel like I truly belong. I also think this is application is different from the rest because I am prepared and willing to give this server as much free time as I possibly can. finally, I think what sets me aside from the others is the amount of detail I have put into making this appeal.
  • What do you plan on doing to help Flame Network? I plan on helping flame network by being the most active and helpful member of flame community I can be lately I have been spending 90% of my time on this lovely network and I will continue to this no matter what happens during this application.
  • What does it mean to be a staff member to you? being a staff member to me means to uphold all Minecraft laws and all the rules of the server your staff on.
  • Is there anything else we should know about you? I am always very good at informing staff teams and friends who I play games with when I have to take time off from playing games for long amounts of time. IK I have had a lot of IGN's but I think this one is my final IGN. oh also if you have any extra questions feel free to send me a discord DM they are always open. my timezone is GMT. thank you for taking the time to read this application I look forward to reading your response.

Background Info
  • IGN: Cosmic_Alpha
  • Discord Username: (e.g. pizza#0001): Cosmic#1153
  • Are you currently in our discord?: Yes, I am.
  • Age: 16
  • Previous Usernames/Accounts: Kingsam04, king_of_minecaft, Unknown_Dragon_1, Unknown_Dreeper, SQDragon, The_Mega_Dragon, The_Alpha_Dragon, bxrryalpha,
  • Have you been previously banned? Yes

Previous Staff Experience
  • Server/Network Name: dawnRPG
  • Rank Achieved: Sr.moderator
  • Time as Staff: around 6 months (this low bc the owner ditched the server at its peek bc he wanted to work on a different kind of server)
  • Responsibilities: my main job was to help the new helpers and moderators with there problems. also, I had to help keep the server chat clean and a suitable place for all players to be. banning people who were disobeying the rules of the server. answering player reports. answering ban appeals and also mute appeals. also, I was in charge of sorting out the server suggestions.
  • Website (if available): server website never got finished due to the owner abandoning the server at its peak.


Manager - Staff & Community Manager
Staff member

Thank you for your interest in becoming staff here at FlameNetwork. Your application has been moved to pending. This does not mean you have been accepted. It simply means you have met the requirements and the moderation and administration team will review your application and we will go from there.

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