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Discord Ban Appeal/Asking for Information

  • If you are appealing a punishment, please follow this template:
    Temporary punishments which last for less than 3 days cannot be appealed.

    1. What is your IGN?
    2. Staff member who punished you:
    3. Why should you be unbanned/unmuted:
    4. Any other information you'd like to include:
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Mar 25, 2018
Idris Manor
Hello! Recently I was banned from the Flame discord and have been trying to figure out why I was banned. After discovering it was something to do with DM advertising, I would like to state the following appeal:

1. What is your IGN Discord tag? GhostOfRelevancy#0001
2. Staff member who punished you: Unknown
3. Why should you be unbanned/unmuted: Okay. In regards to my ban, I asked Llen and he informed me that it was something to do with DM advertising. 2 cases?

1. That one time a year ago I DM advertised to a few people on the flame discord:
I believe I've learned my lesson about this and am very sorry about this. It was ineffective and I gained nothing of any sort from it. (also it was a year ago.)
2. Recent events on the discord:
Recently people were discussing how I was a clown ._. and Drago made a reference to one of my projects. Tree also followed with a reference, but I myself did not really say anything about it. (Also, no, I wasn't using a crack to make configurations bc I didn't even need it.) Also, Creeper said that by asking Tree to join as a developer of the project, I was technically DM advertising. I have known Tree for a long time, and have had him in DMs for a while. I don't think asking a friend to help work on a project would count as DM advertising. Also, the rules stated for the Discord do not include anything about DM advertising.
4. Any other information you'd like to include: As stated above, I am not sure of the reasoning behind my ban. However, it was for DM advertising, I believe that my reasons are sufficient for an unban.


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Feb 18, 2018
Hello, Tree mentioned to me one day that you were working on a flame clone specifically of RPG and you dm'd him asking to join your team. This case of DM advertising was the second time you did it, both times attempting to make a clone of FlameRPG. This along with your constant attitude towards other members (while they are at fault along with you for certain arguments) are some of the factors leading up to the ban. DM Advertising is actually against the Discord ToS so anything that breaks the ToS is by association also bannable in our discord. I would also like to let you know that your ban is a blacklist across the network due to the fact that it is attempting to grab our players and clone one of our servers. We will discuss among the administration further however.
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I'll bring this up with dark and see what he wants to do. We were made aware of you making a server, and talking bad about Flame RPG. For being such an advocate for the server you definitely have more negative comments to say about the server than excitment. The main reason the discussion was brought up is we were made aware that you make have been recruiting from members of Flame. Which is not acceptable. Management will discuss this further and get back to you at a later date.

Flame Network Manager
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