exposing shou for illegally enslaving and selling smelly people

Is lief gud?

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Mar 25, 2018
Idris Manor
Shou sold me lex for good deal k? Then mr delta man he be like I come to invade privacies wait what fudge is this basements? oml aj come baaan he say then aj be like omg this is hk’s business go die in hole. Me blame it on shou but aj show dat favorotism and try lick me but me do stoopid thing to save my 40k stoofs and aj go big bad man!!! Go think bout actions in corner for 7 hrs but me just go sleepy sleep and then when sun come back Mesa be unbanned yes so exposure has been done also I have 7 hole subscribs on utoobs so I want utooberrs ranks pls

(This is all a meme)