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Feb 18, 2018
When will the servers be out?
As of today, 2/19/18, there should be a minimum of 1 month from now until they are released.
A basic Creative server will likely come way sooner, though.

What servers will there be?
Creative, RPG, Skyblock, Direwolf20. Likely done in that order.

Will my ranks transfer from the old network?
It is highly unlikely that any ranks will transfer over.

Will bending be coming back?

Can I apply for staff before the servers are out?
You may only apply for staff before release if you have previously been staff on Flame.
Previous staff are denoted by the S1.0 role in Discord, as well as the S1.0 group on the forums.
If you are missing your role/group, message an admin.

Why can't I see my application?
The way we do applications like to bug sometimes, just post another post in the staff application sections called "Test to find app" or you should be able to find it under your news and / or posts.
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