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Flame Network | Allowed & Disallowed Mods List

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These are the mods we allow on our server, any other mods are considered illegal and will get you punished if you have questions or would like to suggest a mod to be added to this list please contact a staff member. This list is subject to change so please make sure you keep up to date with this post.


- Optifine
- LabyMod
- ShadersMod
- Schematica (Printer is Disallowed)
- 5Zig, bspkrs etc
- ArmorHUD
- PotionHUD
- Kohi TCPNoDelay
- DirectionHUD
- ToggleSneak
- Lighting Mod(s)
- CPS Mod
Console Clients
- Anything modifying font, music etc
- Minimaps (if it shows entities it is strictly forbidden, such as Xaero's Minimap)
- Non-Gameplay Enhancing modifications (Such as Tabby Chat)


- Hacked Clients (such as Jigsaw)
- Autoclickers
- BetterPvP
- Damage Indicators
- Macros
- Better Sprint
- Ghost Clients
- Xray Mods/texture packs
- Chest Finders
- Any other PVP enhancing mods not listed here (Such as J3 Ultimate)
- Anything not on the allowed list (unless specified otherwise by management)
- World Downloader Mod(s)
- Printer (on Schematica)

Updated 11/7/2020
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