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Important Flame Network Official Rules

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These are the official rules for Flame Network, please note that this thread may be updated from time to time so it is your responsibility to ensure you are up to date on the latest rules.

Use common sense.
Be respectful to players, staff, and the community as a whole.
No illegal, illicit, or NSFW material.
Do not spam, advertise or use excessive caps.
Do not excessively swear.
Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
No racism, sexism, or homophobia. Other forms of discrimination are also not allowed.
Do not argue in text or voice chats. Take it to a DM if needed.
Do not make and/or play high-pitched, loud or otherwise annoying sounds in voice chat.

0) Use common sense
1) Be respectful
2) Be appropriate
3) Do not necro/micro post
4) Do not mini mod
5) No advertising
6) No illegal, illicit, or NSFW content
7) No excessive swearing
9) Harassment and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Global In Game Rules
[1] No excessive swearing.
[2] Respect all players.
[3] Use common sense.
[4] Racism, sexism, homophobia and any other forms of discrimination are strictly prohibited.
[5] Do not use a hacked client or any illegal mod. Click here for the allowed mods.
[6] Do not advertise, unless you are in a partnership with our server.
[7] Do not use an excessive amount of caps. More than 10 is punishable.
[8] Do not spam excessive amounts of characters in chat. More than 10 is punishable.
[9] Do not evade a punishment.
[10] Do not intentionally lag or crash the server.
[11] Do not make DDoS, Dox, or other forms of malicious threats.
[12] No illegal, illicit, or NSFW material.
[13] Do not beg for free items, ranks, etc.
[14] Do not attempt to bypass the auto AFK kick. (Does not apply on Skyblock)
[15] Do not exceed the alt limit. More than 5 online at a time is punishable.
[16] Do not use any exploitations in any way. Report any exploits to a staff member.
[17] No 0 tick farms.

RPG In Game Rules
[1] Do not raid and/or grief in claims. You can, however, raid/grief in the wild.
[2] Scamming of in-game items/money is strictly prohibited.
[3] If asked to leave a claim, leave.
[4] Do not create a claim within 15 blocks of an already existing claim.
[5] Do not tp trap players. Tp killing, however, is allowed.
[6] Do not steal, raid or grief other players MoveCraft vehicles.
[7] Do not use drones in players claims

Skyblock In Game Rules
[1] Do not abuse the island rating command. (E.g. using alts to rate your own island)
[2] Do not scam other players, or try to.
[3] Do not join islands for the main purpose of griefing or raiding and then leaving.
[4] Do not abuse alternate accounts to claim multiple island top payouts.
[5] No more than 5 alternate accounts per main account.
[6] Do not abuse the ladders in warp mine (using them to fight, but not take damage).
[7] Do not build cobblestone monsters to intentionally lag the server.
[8] You are allowed a maximum of 15 Minions per Island.
[9] Players are not allowed to combine Aura & Myth Pickaxes.
[10] You are not allowed to have an island on an alternate account.
[11] Do not glitch outside of the Island Border
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