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Read First Flame Network Staff Requirements

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To become staff on Flame Network you must fill out an application, not only that, but you must meet all the requirements stated in this thread.

You can find the template to apply for staff here.

You must be at least 13 years old.
You must have 60 hours of playtime globally in-game.
You must be able to join and communicate in our Discord server.
You cannot ask a staff member about your application. Doing so will result in an immediate denial.
Your application must contain a minimum of 500 words though 1000 is preferred.
You have to have 5 Forums Messages
You must be in the server discord.
Below are the 3 different stages of applications:

Once your application has reached the pending stage, that means your application has been reviewed by moderators and is pending approval by the staff managers. This does not mean you will be accepted.
Your application was approved by both moderators and the staff managers and you have been accepted onto the staff team as helper.
Your application was denied for some reason, which will be stated in a reply by a staff manager or admin. You can apply again in 2 weeks.
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