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New member
Jul 28, 2020
IGN: ayphi

Gamemode Suggestion: A new Gamemode actually, Bedwars!

Description: I hope that FlameNetwork can include bedwars into their network as after doing a small study and doing some research, servers with bedwars are in higher demand as it attracts more of the minecraft community. Bedwars offer another diverse gamemode to the server and the server has the diversity in general featuring both bedwars and skyblock. Having two drastically different gamemodes will make the server a much more entertaining place to be as it will attract both the skyblock part of the minecraft community, and the bedwars/pvp side of minecraft!

Why I think Bedwars is a good idea: I think bedwars is a beneficial addition to the network as it adds diversity and uniqueness into the network, I personally feel that including bedwars will open up a new gate for a bigger playerbase which will also potentially bring in more funds to the server which will also evolve into better development so that the server can expand into more in-depth sort of gamemodes like fully custom everything!

Image / Video: Any video on youtube should give you a good idea on what bedwars is and how it looks!


Staff member
Mar 17, 2018
United Kingdom

Thanks for your suggestion, I agree that bedwars is a popular game. However, we're not planning on releasing a separate gamemode for bedwars anytime soon. This is due to the fact that currently our playerbase isn't big enough to support enough games and we have other gamemodes lined up before. However, it could be implemented as a mini-game or an event that takes place.