"Hacking" [Ban Bypass] ?

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    1. What is your IGN?
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Mar 17, 2018
My in game name is _NTF_ and I was very recently banned (by TheDoot) from the Flame Creative server for eligibly "Bypassing a ban" from a player (siliconboy) who was hacking on it. At first I was very confused and concerned as to why I was banned until I realized what was actually going on. I would like to start off by saying that a few players on Flame and I know each other in real life and happen to go to the same school. While at school, the player (siliconboy) was on Flame when I was also playing on the server. Due to the player (siliconboy) and I playing at school, we both were on the schools student wifi when we joined the server. This might have lead TheDoot to believe that the player (siliconboy) was an alternative account of mine (_NTF_). The reason that confuses me to why I was banned is that when I was banned, I was playing on Flame at home on my personal house wifi. This also means that the player (siliconboy) at the time of his ban was also playing on Flame at home on his own personal house wifi. I believe that if TheDoot could take a closer look at our IP's he could tell that I am not the player (siliconboy). What also concerns me is that previous to being banned, the player (siliconboy) and I have been playing on the Flame Creative server simultaneously doing completely different actions which I would think would lead anyone to believe that it is impossible for him to be my alt account. There were many witnesses playing on Flame at the time that can clearly state that the player (siliconboy) and I have played at the same time and are completely different players. I would also like to include the player (Mimikthezombie) as a factor to this equation. This player (Mimikthezombie) is another person that I know in real life that also goes to my school and played on the server at the time that the hacker (siliconboy) was on. This just adds even more confusion as to why I was banned while others were not. On a side note, I have been very enthusiastic about the server coming back due to the vast amount of time I have put into it in the past. I would be devastated if I am to be banned from this server. I was planning on putting a lot of time and effort onto Flame this time around and would never commit such a foolish act so blatantly. I would be more than happy to direct message an admin the internet IP's to my school and my house if needed. Please get back to me as soon as possible, Thanks!
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