im back and this will be the last time im gonna be here since u will accept my appeal

  • If you are appealing a punishment, please follow this template:
    Temporary punishments which last for less than 3 days cannot be appealed.

    1. What is your IGN?
    2. Staff member who punished you:
    3. Why should you be unbanned/unmuted:
    4. Any other information you'd like to include:
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Aug 13, 2019
the last appeal i got denied but i feel like dis one will make me get unbanned unless its ajkinney thats reading this since he just bans ppl for asking for food

my in game name is ArminasCraft you prob have already heard of me since theres many rumors about me.

the staff that banned me is of course ajkinney but i call him devilkidney because his a devil and kidney sounds like kinney.

hehe im glad u asked why i should get unbanned i should get unbanned is because this ajkinney muted me for asking for food AND I ONLY ASKED 2 TIMES
so than when i got muted i used /helpop so that i would find out why i got muted AND THAN BOOM banned

yes i have more information that you should know first one is that you dont mess with arminascraft except darkstar darkstar can mess with me since his cool and chill. ok 2nd information is that i need food badly thats why i asked and 3rd information is that i want to be unbanned so plz unban i tried hard on this appeal


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Feb 23, 2019
United Kingdom

Thanks for your appeal however we have decided to deny it for the following reasons;
  • You do not seem to have taken the appeal seriously
  • You have not copied the questions into the thread.
You have one more chance to appeal correctly else you will have to wait out the full duration of your ban.

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