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Reported Player: AJ_Kinney & Nas

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Jan 31, 2020
2.AJ_Kinney, Nas
3.Abuse of Power
4.Basically, I claimed this plot next to my friend's claim. The mod Nas told me to move it which I eventually did only to be muted and revoked of my back command. On my new claim 15 blocks, away AJ_Kinney and Nas both watch and may have participated in pushing me and my friend off my claim to kill us. We also tried to communicate through signs which they went into creative mode to break on our claim. In the proof, I show that I get teleported outside spawn to be smitten several times by a player in power of doing that after all those events have taken place. They invited my friend in the events, cutekittygirl101, to a discord call. When she asked about the revoking of our /back, AJ, responded with a reason for us being rude to a player. And when we asked about AJ killing us he said that the reason for that was because it was hilarious.