Pending Rollswithlols Staff Reapplication

  • Please note, applications are currently only open to previous staff.
    Previous staff are marked by the S1.0 rank on discord.
    If you are previous staff and need your rank, please message an admin.
Mar 4, 2018
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Crap, it's rolls.
What is your greatest strength? : My greatest strength is being fair and logical.
What can you improve upon yourself?: I really want to learn how to code, and become more knowledgeable on the technical side of minecraft.
What will you bring to the table as Staff?: experience, i have been staff on Flame twice reaching mod level, and staff before that on another server, i have been playing minecraft since 2010.

Background Info:
Discord Username: rollswithlols#0926
Age: 22
Current Playtime Rank: N/A
Previous Usernames/Accounts: N/A
Have you been previously banned? : No
Requested Server: Anywhere that i can be of use

Previous Staff Experience: Yes
Server/Network Name: Flamesurvival, InfiniteWorlds
Rank Achieved: Moderator
Time as Staff: on and off for about 2 years
Responsibilities: chat moderation, ticket resolution, technical assistant with plugins.
Website (if available):