[RPG] New Crops & Food, Chatbubbles, Keycards, & More

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Mar 25, 2018
Idris Manor
While scrolling through Minecraft plugins for a replacement for slimefun gardens (denied suggestion), I came across this one author who has made a ton of great rpg plugins that I think would be perfect for Flame.

Suggestion Numero Uno: Farmcraft/Foodlol
On mobile so here are the links: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/farmcraft-1-8-1-12-fully-custom-crops.50031/ as well as https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/foodlol-1-8-1-12-custom-food-textures.49852/

Farmcraft adds the ability to create custom crops you can actually see growing with custom seed textures and everything. If you use Foodlol in conjunction with this you can make custom foods with actual custom textures like the magic items as well as edible seeds for corn and such. If you do use this I would recommend switching all the custom food over to this as you can make it look a lot nicer using this plugin.

Suggestion Numero Dos: ChatBubbles

This allows you to have “chat bubble” holograms above people’s heads when they talk, and would add to the rpg experience. It also advertises no lag.

Suggestion Numero Tres: Keycards

Keycards allow you to make scanners for doors, redstone, and chests that are only unlockable with paired keycards. This allows you to make “Employee Only” doors in businesses that customers cannot open, but also adds to the rpg aspect by allowing you to dupe keycards, so you could kill someone with a keycard, duplicate it, and give the keycard back. The one downside to this is you have to install RecipesRedone as a dependency but it doesn’t do anything until configured to.

Suggestion Numero Quattro, Last but not Least: Banknote Advanced

A better banknote plugin that has no known exploits and would allow for easier money trading. (Takes freaking forever to add money to /trade right now).

I sincerely hope you will take these suggestions into mind!


Server Admin
Staff member
Feb 18, 2018
So I'll have to go ahead and give a no to the banknotes as there is no real need for them. Currently on my phone so I'll get back to you on the others later when I have a chance to read up on them.
Feb 19, 2018
some random tree
Farmcraft: I can see this plugin possibly making into RPG, though it might be useless to have new crops growing in when the rpgfood plugin is already being used.

ChatBubbles: This plugin would probably be annoying with long messages due to having a a decently large bubble above a player's head might cover a good amount of area especially with the chat limit being so long in 1.9+, and most players would probably disable seeing the chatbubbles. So most likely wouldn't get in.

Keycards: Secure spell already exists, so no point of adding plugin.

Banknote: As AJ said, it's basically useless.