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New member
Sep 4, 2020
I'm thinking to maybe create arenas that can be fun to cast spells in since the game's kind of about gaining spells. It could be a wide grassy area with sign that teleports you randomly in the arena so that it would be difficult to spawnkill. Also add some sky platforms and tunnels. Kind of like the old flame bending arenas but less elemental. Other thing is to disallow any magical items that increase magic like clothes or maybe armour.

Add a sort of kill reward system in the arena. To encourage people to fight. Like tokens that you get per kill with a max token a day limit or cooldown of getting a token from the player you killed so that you cant just grind it with someone that easily. You could buy cosmetics with the points or keys for loot chests that have magical items or items that will help you in survival or money that you can use to buy blocks or magical equipment in shops. You can even reward players with tokens whenever they do things like breeding animals, mining or anything mcmmo idk.

I still think towny with rpg is a good idea so just popping this in here.

For encouraging player survival and building maybe just try to add any magical blocks or magical plants or anything like that which would be interesting to play with. I'm not familiar with a lot of plugins soz.

In terms of spells, please let blink/teleport go through the ground like it used to in the old rpg. The counterspell spell is really fun to play with when you can counter nukes etc and teleports, it adds a bit more freedom same with like blink like I mentioned earlier.
Please revert to any other system of gaining spells because the current one is very grindy and is really bad for new players who won't commit. It only really gets you going after the first wand upgrade.

(not sure if this existed) I think going back to where you upgraded your wand with lapis in the enchanting table was much better than this since it kind of forced you to mine lapis and even limiting the selling of lapis to one stack or half a stack daily on ah would force people to mine it themselves or go to player markets which would encourage player markets and more interactions with survival building/mining. Any other system than the current one please.

Sorry if I'm not making sense on some parts. I hope you get the idea.
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New member
Mar 6, 2020
Hey Marshe_ ,
I have looked over your suggestions and will send them over to our higher up staff.

Thank you for taking the time to help make rpg a better place.

- ImNotKermit
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Active member
Feb 18, 2018
Hello, I thank you for your interest, these are some wonderful ideas so I will see what I can possibly do to start implementing them with the coming up reset.

I however do need to state there is nothing I can do about how the basic spells work as that change was made by the actual plugin developer and not us, sorry about that.
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