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RPG Transition Poll & Suggestion Thread

RPG Reset

  • Reset the world

  • Keep the current world and also make a new world

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Feb 18, 2018
Hello, as RPG is generally one of our more up to date (gamer version wise) servers, we will be updating at the very least to make the world 1.16 in the near future. Along with this change we will be very interested in adding or removing features that the player base deems to be unnecessary or on the opposite side a wonderful addition. Please vote on the poll for the world update/reset and then voice opinions below about suggestions for the future of RPG.

If we keep the current world we would still have to reset the nether, but all other progress would be saved and we would just make a secondary world.
Resetting and remaking everything new would also delete all player data, but may result in a few custom tags and features being possible that would not be possible otherwise.