where is the updated ETA on the tempory server

May 15, 2018
United Kingdom
hello, staff sorry about this but we were promised a more accurate ETA within 48hours of a post going live. to support this I have found the part of this post. (The exact ETA will be updated within a maximum of 48 hours from this announcement going live). I cannot see this update if I am just being stupid and not looking in the right place please tell me where to look as I would love to know when the temporary server is coming online. your sincerely SQDragon


Active member
Feb 18, 2018
I'm proud of you. Grammarly only found 1 error in what you posted. They grow up so fast.

Next, we need to work on your punctuation. It's kind of hard to actually read what you're saying because you don't understand the concept of commas so your messages are most of the time run on sentences kind of like this one is.