Wondering about 1.13


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Mar 25, 2018
Idris Manor
So, I've been stalking spigot and it seems like most plugins have been updated and spigot is pretty stable. And I mean, you have world backups if something goes wrong on conversion.

Here's a list of plugins:

Essentials is NOT updated yet.
Brewery HAS been updated to 1.13, officially not yet but no major bugs have been found and in the reviews section there is a handy link to the 1.6 repo.
LockettePro apparently has some issues. (Not sure why you even added this though as it was requested and denied multiple times.)
Both GriefPrevention and WorldEdit are fully updated.
Don't know what the permissions plugin is. (In my opinion Luckperms is the best and has waaaaaay more features then any other plugin)
Magic is fully updated as well.

Uh yeah not sure why i did that